Capture that 19th century feeling of an evening with the Baron

An end of 19th century event in the candlelit manor house. You will feel as if you really are at such an aristocratic feast.  The Baron will host the evening and take you back to the romantic era, introducing you to the manners and etiquette of the manor at that time, invite you to a festive dinner, during which you will learn and see what many have heard, talked about, but not seen.

First of all, you will be invited to dress in a suitable manor clothing.

After that you will be dressed in suitable manor clothing from that time (bonnets, hats, scarves, etc.) in order for the manor to receive you and to stand in front of the Baron in proper attire.

A luxurious three-course dinner awaits you with charming governesses. The main course is “Quail baked on a pear”, and snacks and dessert will be from the 19th century Radvilai kitchens.

Experience the life of the manor: the men together with the Baron, can taste the”Baron’s Bitter”, made from a secret recipe, while discussing the most relevant issues of the day at the behest of the Baron, to which you can bring your own cigars while the women can go “to powder their noses” and take an authentic trip, where they dive into the mysterious world of scents, and enjoy the exclusive taste of “hornet honey”.

Salon music

A concert given by the manor chamber music ensemble under candlelight. Their repertoire includes popular 19th and 20th century melodies – “From Bach to Piazzola”. Duration – 30 minutes. It is an exceptional sight and sound in the candlelit luxurious Oval Palace Hall.

The evening ends with a vintage photo session – “Living Picture”.

  • Duration of the programme
    3 hours
  • The cost of the programme per person
    130 Eur
  • Minimum number of people
    20 people
  • For less than 20 people, a minimum program fee
    2600 €
  • The concert is not included in the price, it is strongly recommended
    Additional fee

The program needs to be reserved by filling out the reservation form or by contacting the event organizer directly:

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