Beer lovers will not dare to argue that the Pakruojis region, with its manor and beer brewer located in it since the 16th century, is the beer capital of Northern Lithuania, and the programs held there, flavoured with beer and knowledge about it, are some of the most fun!

Žaldokas from Pakruojis Manor is probably the only one in Lithuania that brews beer in authentic wooden vats and ages it in barrels. During the program, you will hear and get to know highly valued throughout the country Baron’s regulations and the history of beer and bravery. You will taste different strength beers and understand the difference between them. So that your stay at Žaldokas is not only flavoured with beer and songs (Žaldokas plays the harmonica no worse than he makes beer), a hearty lunch will also await you. A traditional hot meal and snacks will help to reveal the long-standing traditions and secrets of brewing even stronger.


  • To start:
    Hot potatoes with a sour cream butter
  • Main dish:
    Stuffed sausages with stewed cabbage prepared by Manor hostesses
  • Snacks:
    Hot smoked bacon, fried bread, beans
  • For degustation:
    3 types of beer from the Manor’s brewery

You can participate in this program only after purchasing tickets to the festival at the time and pre-booking this program with lunch. You can reserve the program and festival tickets by filling out the reservation form or by writing a direct e-mail

  • Program duration
    2 hours
  • Price
    38 Eur per person
  • Minimum number of participants
    15 persons
  • Minimum program fee for less than 15 people
    570 Eur

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