Our manor has a small farm inhabited by horses, sheep, rabbits, geese, ducks, turkeys, chickens, and of course, camel and birds of prey. You can see them visiting us during the festivals or taking a part in the Historical Adventure park program.

A little bit of history

The owners of the manor, the Ropps, owned about 6,500 tenths (1 tenth = 1.0925 ha) of land. Ever since the time of Baron Wilhelm Von Ropp, the manor has been developing a commercial economy that has generated a lot of income. After the First World War, Pakruojis Manor was an exemplary farm famous for its industrial animal husbandry.

After the 1922 land reforms, the farm diminished, and only the central part of the manor and 300 hectares of land remained. Land reclamation was carried out around the manor, and animal husbandry, agriculture, and beekeeping were further developed.