We invite you to be the guest of our Manor’s Miller – Levukas!

He will tell you about the unique history of the Pakruojis Manor mills and invite everyone to the 18th century’s windmill to become acquainted with the old traditions of the miller’s work, the flour and home-made bread production processes. You can taste the beer from the local region and enjoy the dishes made with the beer. Of course, beer is inseparable from delicious food, fun company and a good mood!

The program consists of a tour of the Mill’s estates, a short educational program, “The Cognition of the Beer Road”, “Bread Road” and then a enjoyable time in the Traktierius Inn. 

It is fun, 2 hour education-entertainment programme with lunch/dinner during which it is obligatory to lift mugs of beer, laugh til you cry, enjoy the good food and love one another.

The program includes a tour of the Miller’s holdings, the educational parts and the fun part in the inn Traktierius.


  • Hot meal:
    Pork sausages with stewed cabbage and fried potatoes
  • Snacks:
    Beer cookies with cumin, baked bread and boiled beans
  • Dessert:
    Curd cones with powdered sugar
  • Beer tasting (0,6 l per person):
    Dark and light beer types, kvass, roasted malt

Reservation of the program is required by filling out the reservation form below or by contacting directly by e-mail: renginiai@pakruojo-dvaras.lt

  • Duration of the programme
    2 hours
  • Price
    38 Eur per person
  • Minimum number of participants
    15 people
  • Minimum charge when less than 15 people
    570 Eur

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