Jauki aplinka masazui dvare


FULL BODY MASSAGE A full-body massage lets you experience a genuine estate respite in our mini spa. We invite you to try several massages performed by professional masseurs and physiotherapists. Relaxing massages help you regain your strength and forget all your worries while energising massages give you a real power boost for the day. A […]



Experience a true manor respite – exclusive spa treatments with an overnight stay at Pakruojis Manor combine blissful relaxation with luxurious rest in a unique setting. Energising or relaxing massages, sauna heat and other beauty treatments await you in an authentic water mill on the banks of the Kruoja River. Whether you want to relax […]



We invite you to a cosy Manor sauna, located in a centuries-old water mill. Come and savour the heat of sauna that cleanses the body and soul and enjoy a great time in the company of your loved ones, friends or colleagues. After the sauna procedures there is the opportunity to cool off in the […]


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