In 1866, the Manor established a pharmacy serving 3,956 inhabitants, and the central palace also had a twelve-bed hospital. Today, it is here again, but in a slightly different guise – the Manor’s Pharmacy, where you will no longer find medicines, but traditionally, you will be able to see, taste, and even buy the Historic Distillery’s drinks, awarded by gold medals almost every year around the world.

There is also a special drink, Aqua Vitae – living water. It is the name given to alcoholic distillates, attributed to healing powers in the Middle Ages. Apothecaries or medical doctors made the aquavit. In the Pharmacy, you can also spend cosy time with a cup of coffee or tea and a dessert.

You can visit the Pharmacy, enjoy its very cosy atmosphere, and have a hot, refreshing or strong drink with dessert every day during the festivals and the Historical Adventure Park programme.