One of the most memorable days in a couple’s life is a wedding. A carefully and lovingly chosen place for a wedding is half the success of the celebration. This is one of the most important aspects on which the next steps of wedding planning depend.

To make this day to be the one you dream of, the chosen place for the wedding must first of all please you. It is advisable to book the place as early as possible, as soon as the wedding date is agreed and the future number of wedding participants is planned. Problems often arise when looking for a place to invite just over 100 guests to the celebration, but a large flow of people is not an obstacle for us – even up to 3,000 people can enjoy a wedding on the territory of the Pakruoj manor!

So, if you want to be with a large group of important people on an important day and feel comfortable, unrestricted – we invite you to get to know the manor complex.

It is said that a good mood is the most important thing during a wedding, and the place does not affect the atmosphere of the celebration itself, both the wedding planners and the newlyweds themselves know that the environment surrounding this day is very important. After all, for those thinking about a modest, quiet celebration, only a ceremony in a small church, sitting in a restaurant with the closest ones can be enough, but those who dream of a memorable celebration, with a large group of guests, are not limited to such possibilities…

Pakruojis Manor gives an opportunity to get married and pledge your love to each other on the territory of the manor. At the request of the newlyweds, the master of ceremonies can come to the manor, where the marriage ceremony will be take place. So a wedding ceremony in a historical hall, in the island of Love or at the only arched bridge in Lithuania – can become a reality!

Manor environment – to create an exclusive wedding atmosphere

For a special day, you must choose an original, extraordinary place. For an exclusively romantic wedding, Pakruojis Manor can offer luxurious banquet halls, two cozy hotels, a menu prepared according to wishes and needs, pleasant service and wide range of entertainment. The entire complex of services provided and available by us will fulfill the most beautiful dreams of future newlyweds, and since everything is in one place, there will be worries during the celebration party.

Wedding planning

We offer you not only the place of the banquet, but also all the planning services. We will decorate the halls and rooms according to your wishes, we will prepare an individual menu especially for your celebration, we will take care of the entertainment, we will choose the hosts of the celebration, music performers. Everything we agree is written down in a bilateral contract, which is mutually beneficial for both sides. The contract includes all the details of a celebration and ensure that the wedding will go smoothly as planned.

The professional and experienced team of Pakruojis Manor will make sure that the celebration from dream will become reality (big or small, but sometimes the most important!), and organisational issues do not ruin special moments. Entrust your wedding to us and the most important day will be unforgettable for both the newlyweds and the participants of the celebration. Pakruojiss manor invites you to create together a story you have dreamed of until now.

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