Pakruojis Manor House Restaurant is the place where you will feel like real barons and baronesses as you dine, feast or celebrate the most beautiful occasions of your life in an exclusive manor environment, where the long-standing lords of the Manor, the Barons von der Ropp, used to feast. The magnificent, elegant, candlelit and historically enchanting Manor House Restaurant has existed for centuries.

The Manor House Restaurant is open at weekends, but other days are subject to availability.

Information and reservations:, +370 682 41 155.

The organisation of personal celebrations and programmes for groups:, +370 618 12 298.


Soups, starters, salads

Baked pumpkin soup
Oven-roasted pumpkin soup seasoned with thyme and sage leaves. Served with cream,cheese, and toasted pumpkin seeds.
Creamy sorrel soup
Delicious sorrel soup with ox cheeks or quail eggs. Served with vegetable cream,savory cream, cheese puré e, and toasted bread crumbs.
Assorted liver pâtés
Pates of ducks, geese, and chickens raised on the farm of Pakruojis manor. Served withbeer bread, herb, and petal butter
Set with wine
A collection of the most delicious cheeses and meats from local farmers. Served with fermented manor vegetables, flower spread, and freshly baked bread.
Goat cheese salad
Fresh lettuce leaves with caramelized beets, pine nuts, cream of farm-grown greenpeas, and fresh goat cheese “snow”.
Duck salad
Baked duck fillet with pears cooked in wine, wine jelly, and fresh lettuce leaves. Seasoned with pumpkin butter and fresh cranberry sauce.

Main course

Pearl barley risotto
Pearl barley cooked in wine with oven-baked pumpkin, farm-grown parsnips, and aged cheese. Seasoned with pumpkin oil, egg yolk, and sage chips.
Catfish fillet in poppy seed crust
Catfish fillet with creamy cucumber grits, cream cheese sauce, and purple carrot cream. Seasoned with baked yolk and sage.
Goose breast with wine sauce
Goose breast served with carrot gratin and mini fries fried in goose fat. Seasoned with parsnip cream, wine sauce, and various berries.
Deer fillet steak with cherry sauce
Fillet of venison served with goose fat smoked potatoes, purple cream of carrots,parsnips, oven-roasted garlic, caramelized Brussels sprouts, and onion gratin with aged cheese.


Hornet honey
A palate-tickling cream made from spirits distilled in the estate’s historic distillery, condensed milk, and goose egg yolk.
Homemade ice cream
Ice cream produced by the manor kitchen. Ask about flavors.
Chocolate temptation
Half-baked, half-frozen flourless chocolate brownie. Served with raspberryjam, nuts, and meringues.

For children

Anushka’s cottage cheese
The signature handmade curds of the hostess of the palace served with warm berry sauce and whipped cream.
Tagliatelle pasta
Strip pasta with cured ham and aged cheese, seasoned with melted cheese and cream sauce and baked cherry tomatoes.
Crispy strips
Crispy chicken strips with oven-baked French fries, cucumber rolls, and the manor sauce.

Programmes in the Manor

Feasts with the whole entourage


Unforgettable experiences