Wool Felting

Sheep shearing and felting are one of those centuries-old works and crafts and when you try it, you learn more and enjoy a feeling of pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. Wool production leads to various items of clothing, jewellery, toys, shoes, and other products.  Sheep’s wool is highly valued and as well as giving […]

Fotografas su senoviniu aparatu

The Beekeeper

The gifts of the Manor’s bees – from sweet honey to the most beautiful wax candles. The Beekeeper at Pakruojis Manor will tell you all about these and other bee products. You will be shown ancient beehives and also a hive with a glass frame, as well as have the unique opportunity of taking a […]


The Dressmaker’s Studio

The finest and most sophisticated covers and embroidery for the entire Manor were born in the Manor’s hard-working Dressmaker’s studio. Today visitors can not only discover the costumes worn in the 19th century but see the clothes of that era copied according to original photos. Our Dressmaker will be happy to share some of the […]



During your visit to the Pottery you will learn how the clay is prepared, worked and what amazing things can be created with just your hands. Visitors are encouraged to try this craft for themselves. Although it does not take long to make a small work of clay, for it to be durable and usable […]


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