In 1866, a pharmacy (Aptieka) was established in the manor. Next to the pharmacy was the Manor Hospital, with 12 beds. The manor doctor cared not only for the barons’ family and their relatives but also helped the surrounding residents when necessary.

The doctor was a collector, like the Barons von der Ropp, only he collected not valuable art pieces but the strangest fashions of the time – artefacts that only a rare eye had seen, anomalies of nature and man. His laboratory’s long autumn and winter evenings also revealed many abnormalities.

Strange artefacts discovered or created by the doctor found a place in the Panopticon. In his office, you will see a collection of medical tools, devices and samples of doctors who worked more than 100 years ago, illustrating the specifics of this craft and treatment methods.

The doctor’s office can be visited during festivals or the Historical Adventure Park program by participating in an excursion or independently (for an additional fee).

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