History of the Manor

Lords of the Manor Pakruojis manor was first mentioned in written sources in 1531. The founder and first owner of the manor was Rietavas’ tijūnas,  M. Vakavičius, and later the manor was ruled by V. Martinavičius, A. Koleckis, S. Juškevičius, the noble Zabielos, and then Count Münster. In 1786, Countess Alexander married Wilhelm von Ropp, and […]


Manor architecture

The main highlight of the manor ensemble is an ornate two-storey palace with a portico and Doric-style columns, pilasters, capitals, arches, and vases in the corners of the balconies. The interior plan of the palace is anfilad, and in the centre is an oval shaped hall with an Ionian colonnade. Like many of the palace […]


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