Personal celebrations such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or christenings do not happen very often, therefore, it is important to celebrate or commemorate them in a special place, and make the celebration as memorable as possible perhaps in an unusual way. 

Our manor is the ideal place for a birthday celebration, where both the youngest participants and the elders will have a great time, because not only are you able to hire the premises, but can also choose your preferred style of entertainment. 

You can admire the authentic classicist architecture, the unique landscape and take pictures in a wonderful and exclusive environment.

Hall rental and accommodation options

The manor has various halls that can be hired and prepared for each celebration according to different needs. For large-scale and the more extravagant celebrations, we offer the White Banquet Hall, which has its own private courtyard and can accommodate up to 350 people. Alternatively, there is the Central Manor House, which has a main banquet hall and four separate rooms that can be used for celebrations.

If you want to celebrate with a small circle of people, we can offer the hall in the Water Mill, which has two floors. The authentic environment of the mill will create a cosy atmosphere, and to make it even more enjoyable, you can use the sauna facilities, which are located right next door, in the same water mill.

Guests can stay in the comfortable manor hotel, which is located near the main buildings of the manor, surrounded by nature, where a wonderful landscape can be seen through the windows. For longer celebrations, it is possible to order meals in the inn, where guests will be able to enjoy traditional dishes and drinks. Meals can also be ordered at the hotel.

Entertainment options for your celebration

At the manor, we will not only take care of accommodation and the space you use, but will also help with the organisation of the event: the programme, the menu, the decorations, and entertainment. We will help you choose a place for a photo session, which not only can take place in authentic, gorgeous rooms, but also with horses, in a carriage and so on. It won’t take long to think of the surprises and activities for the guests as the manor has many different, authentic, entertainment options. Attention to detail creates a joyous mood and creates the warmest of memories.

You can book activities such as horseback riding, carriage rides, boats, bicycles, the manor cinema and more. The programmes are designed for both children and adults so that no one will have time to get bored.

If you choose our manor for your celebration, and the entertainment, accommodation, and catering options it offers, you will not make a mistake. Contact us and we will make sure your celebration is one that neither you nor your guests will ever forget!

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