Our beer tasting program with the brewer Žaldokas is one of the most enjoyable at the Manor.

Visit the authentic 17th century brewery and its Beer Road programme – one of the most enjoyable activities at the Manor.

Probably the only one of its kind left in Lithuania, Žaldokas brews beer in authentic wooden tubs and then lets it mature in barrels. Guests can hear about the Baron’s regulations and the history of the highly valued beer and brewery. An incredible educational program awaits you. You can discover some of the secrets of beer production, taste beer of various strengths, all made according to the long-standing traditions of the manor.

What awaits you?

– Meeting with the armoška (accordion);

– Introduction to the process of making the manor’s famous beer;

– Taste real beer brewed according to Lithuanian beer traditions;

– Enjoy songs and funny anecdotes with Žaldokas;

– Eat homemade pancakes baked from malt, and flavored with cannabis oil.

You can participate in this program with Žaldokas only after purchasing tickets to the festival taking place at the time and pre-booking the tasting program. You can reserve the program and festival tickets by filling out the reservation form below or by writing an e-mail directly: renginiai@pakruojo-dvaras.lt

  • Duration
    1 hour
  • Number of participants
    from 20 persons
  • Price
    16 Eur per person
  • Minimum fee when group is less than 20 people
    320 Eur

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