A vintage photoshoot in the manor’s photo studio is a unique opportunity to take some photos of yourself in a vintage style.

Before the vintage photoshoot you will visit the Costume Room where you will be able to dress up in courtly attire. The photoshoot then is conducted with a vintage camera and in the manner of the late 19th century. You will need to stand still for 3-4 seconds while posing. After that you will be able to watch the creation of the photos in the lab – it will take just under 10 minutes.

If you wish, the estate photographer can also take your picture with a modern camera.

  • Vintage photoshoot for 2 people
    110 Eur for 5 photos
  • 1 extra photo
    10 Eur
  • Reservation is required
    +37063480440 (Kęstutis)

You can also take a vintage photo during special events and festivals held at the manor. The price for 1 photo is 10 Eur. No advance reservation is required.

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