At the end of the 19th century, the Barons von der Ropps invited the well-known perfumer Jacques to the Pakruojis Manor to visit and show the beauty of Lithuania. The latter was fascinated by the estate, its atmosphere, beauty and natural wealth, which he used to produce new fragrances and beauty products. Jacques’ stay at the Pakruojis Manor lasted for five years, during which he not only created perfumes but also grew various herbs locally and brought them from distant lands, produced oils and invigorating aromatic waters, etc. Jacques’ laboratory has been restored and is back in business, beckoning with heady scents and beauty treasures.

During this educational program the manor perfumer will introduce you to the history of fragrances and the intricacies of perfume production, and thanks to your sense of smell, you will be able to travel the paths of history and enjoy the manor’s bouquet of scents.

You only have the opportunity to participate in this program at the perfumer after purchasing tickets to the festival at the time and pre-booking the educational program. You can reserve the program and festival tickets by filling out the reservation form below or by directly writing an e-mail to

  • Price
    17 Eur per person
  • Size of the group
    from 10 persons
  • Minimum program fee for less than 10 people
    170 Eur

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