Cabinet de Secret is a unique place in the attic of the central Manor house, where only the chosen ones could enter. It is where aristocrats held secret meetings, spread secrets and intrigues, and gambled. Here, provocative erotic Japanese and European art collections were fascinating. Access to this location is for adults only.

When you get here, you can also see the Shunga collection. Shunga means “spring pictures” and is a collection of extremely popular erotic illustrations from 17th to 19th century Japan, rarely seen before. This one and similar collections greatly influenced the European impressionists E. Degas, O. C. Monet, E. Manet, V. van Gogh and others.

Today this secret place that is full of temptation, provocation and charm can only be accessed by reservation as a space to celebrate a special occasion. If you are interested please contact our event organizer at

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