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We invite you to escape from everyday life, enjoy the sense of massage, spend unforgettable time, forget the routine and revitalize your mind, body and soul. During the massage full body is rubbed with warm oil. Special attention is given to the spinal area. Mixture of natural warm oils helps to remove toxins and purify your body. It is a real pleasure for the body and soul. The massage calms the mind and you will be able to reach meditative condition. You will definitely feel the burst of energy, lasting more than a day.





Gentle and deep enough muscle massage helps to regain strength. Massage helps muscle fibre become more stretch, increase oxygen intake, improve muscle efficiency and, as a result, muscle improve faster after exercises. Joint system is also influenced in a perfect way: blood supply is improving, tendons and ligaments become stronger, swelling reduces. Besides, activity of viscera is ballanced, joint pain, back pain and headache is released, the quality of sleep is improved. Natural warm oils nourish and clean your skin, stimulate cell renewal. You will feel relief and spiritual peace after the massage. Every part of your body will be pleased by this charming massage. Relaxing massage is suitable for everyone who wants to relax after a tough day and forget the routine.

DURATION - 1 hour.





This kind of massage is more intense comparing with the relaxing massage. Intense and rapid motions help to activate blood circulation and metabolism. Stimulating massage perfectly helps to recover after a hard working day, stimulates the activity of the whole organism and gives energy. Legs, arms, abdomen, face, back, neck and head will get a massage. Massage has a unique and long-lasting effect for the whole human body. Physiological systems of the body, especially the circulatory and respiratory, will be balanced. Mixture of warm and natural oils will eliminate toxins and slags, tissue cells will rejuvinate, headache, joint or back pain will decrease and disappear, stress, depression and tiredness will be reduced. This massage is complex and gives the best effect.

DURATION - 1 hour.



3. RELAXING (or intensive) DORSAL MASSAGE (foot, legs, back, arms, neck, head)


Massage is concentrated for the dorsal side of the body. It is a very effective massage, when maximum results can be reached in a shortest period of time. A special attention is given to the spinal and shoulder area, accumulating tension. Massage will strengthen the nervous system, reduce tension, stimulate the internal organs, blood circulation. Leg and foot massage is useful as there are lots of points, which stimulate digestion, brain, liver and other organs. Various massage techniques and a wide range of motion are applied during the massage. According to the desired effect, massage can be done in different ways: to get deep relaxation or energy burst.

DURATION - 35 min.


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