See the beauty of the manor with your own eyes and listen to the stories never published and only told by Baroness herself.

This programme is a special time going back in history with the Baroness and listening to real stories of the manor right from her very own lips. She will accompany you on a walk through the corridors of the manor, which still have the memories of former times when past rulers walked along them. You can enjoy a special drink with the Baron after trying to guess its secret recipe. Then you will continue on to the most hidden and interesting places of the manor house, where you will be told stories about the manor and its rulers. During this tour you will go back 100 years and experience the authentic feel of the end of the 19th century.

  • Duration of the tour
    1 hour
  • Minimum number of participants
    12 persons
  • Price
    9 Eur per person
  • Minimal program fee for less than 12 people
    108 €