The manor’s collection of vintage cars is growing every day. Here you can touch them, to know more details or take a ride by one or the other. You can even use one of these cars as a taxi!

A hippomobile rolls around the grounds of the manor and happily transports guests. This is a unique, extremely ancient vehicle, like a carriage and a car in one. The Hippomobile is an automobile invented by Étienne Lenoir in 1863 which carried its own internal combustion engine. It was based on his 1860 invention, the Lenoir gas engine.

There is also a small black two-door car from 1936 – Austin Seven cabriolet. This is a British car produced in 1922-1939 and was extremely popular at that time.

We invite you to take a closer look at the most colorful exhibit of the car collection, and if possible, take a ride with it – the manor’s fire engine, which took care of fires not only in the manor, but also in the manor surrounding areas.

If you want to take a ride in 1936 Austin Seven cabriolet or hippomobile – you no need a reservation. You can do this for an additional fee during the flower festivals or the Historical Adventure Park program.

  • A ride in 1936 Austin 7
    4 Eur per person
  • A ride in the 19th century hippomobile
    4 Eur per person

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