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Short history

At the end of the 19th century the barons von Ropp invited their acquaintance, the perfumer Jacques to visit Pakruojis manor and show him the beauty of Lithuania. He was so fascinated by the manor, its atmosphere, beauty and natural resources that inspired him to create new fragrances and beauty products. Jacques stayed at the manor of Pakruojis for five years. During this period he not only created perfume, but also cultivated various local and foreign herbs, produced oils and refreshing fragrant water. Today, Jacques laboratory is restored and tempts with intoxicating scents and beauty products. 


Perfumer‘s educational programme and production of essential oil mixture: 12 EUR per person. Only for groups of not less than 10 people.

You can also visit Jacques laboratory every weekend during the event of the Live Museum:


Manor perfumer will present you the history of perfume and subtleties of the fragrance manufacturing. While smelling various odours, you will be able to travel through the paths of this history and enjoy perfume bunch of the manor.

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