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A very special place should be chosen for the very special celebration. Pakruojis Manor can offer various banquet halls for exclusively romantic wedding celebration, as well as the hotel, located at the Miller‘s house and luxurious rooms at the manor palace, menu, prepared according to your wishes and fantasy, excellent service and a wide range of entertainment.  


43 buildings of impressive architecture and a unique centenarian park are located at the territory of the picturesque Pakruojis manor. Manor territory is surrounded by ponds, streams and bridges, alongside which the windmill and watermill are waving their wings majestically. Environment, full of antiquity and elegance, unconsciously takes you to the romance of the past centuries, when dressed up ladies and mannered gentlemen used to walk in the park.


Solemn classical architecture of the main palace, impressive halls, luxurious and comfortable bedrooms, remarkable scenery out of the manor terrace will give a particular and unforgettable aura for your celebration. 

One of the main advantages of organising wedding celebrations in the largest manor in Lithuania, is a wide choice of spaces, that‘s why we are able to arrange spectacular and cosy events for both ten people and three thousand people.   


We could offer You:

  • Rent of various spaces and premises;
  • Accomodation at the cosy hotel;
  • Decorating services;
  • Preparation and implementation of the menu;
  • Entertaining programs;
  • Preparation of the event scenario;
  • Professional team;

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