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Visiting manor Hostess

Wisdom and experience, passed from generation to generation, and simply Love while baking bread make miracles. It opens your eyes to real and simple things. Then you start to realize the value, importance and sanctity of the daily bread. 

When You open the door of a house, the house-proud Hostess welcomes You to the very fascinating world of those times, where you can smell the scent of baking bread and pancakes, baked on the furnace, where delicious beetroot soup, boiled at the cast iron pot and boiled unpeeled potatoes with cannabis seeds are waiting for the family coming back home, where you can hear humming songs, whispering spell, where evil spirits are being chased away, where Love and Harmony are being attracted.  

We invite You to feel the power of bread, warmth of the Hostess and cosiness of the house. It will help to open your mind, keep hearts closer and satisfy your stomach. 

P.S. You will learn the culinary secrets and wisdom, as the Hostess‘s great-grandmother used to say, „If a housewife is clever, there will be no hunger even for butt“.   

During the program you will enjoy and taste:

Hostess‘s bread with butter – to satisfy worm of hunger!

Beetroot soup with rye bread nuggets – to satisfy your stomach!

Boiled unpeeled potatoe with grinded cannabis seeds – to strenghten your body!

Homemade beer 0,2 l – to cheer your tongue!

Mint tea – to calm the demon!


Duration of the educational program with lunch – 1 hour 45 min.

Price of the educational program  - 14 Eur/person.

For the groups of 15 to 30 people.

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