Theatralized courtier tour and film watching by candlelight (for the group of 6 or more people)

You and your company will be hospitably received by the daughter of the baron von Ropp, Alexandrina. She will accompany you to the costume room, offer to put on various courtier attributes out of her chest: hats, fans, gloves, elegant umbrellas, jewelry, etc. Then you will have 1 hour educational-historical tour at the territory of the largest manor in Lithuania. You will learn about the development of the manor, hear the stories already turned into legends about the origin of the manor buildings as well as mystifying details of the Landlord‘s life.     

After the tour the baroness Alexandrina will invite you to watch an amazing film by candlelight at the windmill movie theatre, enjoying a glass of tasty local beer or kvass, made in Pakruojis.  

Duration: 2.5 hour.

Price per person - 17 EUR

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