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A stud

You are invited to get acquainted with manor horses, feel and observe the beauty and elegance of riding. There are 10 trotters at the manor stud, including famous Zemaitukai horses, remembering the march to the Black sea and its taste, and which ancestors came from the times of Vytautas the Great. 

Visit manor stud and a riding hall!

According to historical records, manor stud was built at the beginning of the 19th century. The building has classicism and folk architectural features. There are no more such buildings with an entrance ramp in Lithuania. During the period of the aristocratic management, barons had horses for hunting and riding at the surrounding areas. The most favourite breed of horse was Trakehner (liet. Trakėnai). A historic horse breed Žemaitukai (literally: little Samogitian) has been also very important part of the manor life.


A riding school

And today, every young person, wishing to show sophistication, should be able to ride a horse.

You could learn the most beautiful courtier pleasure – horse riding. You will get to know about ancient riding traditions at the manor riding hall and riding school.

The aim of the school – promotion for healthy and active lifestyle, and thorough personal background. The school offers not only the instructions for riding, but also the possibility to get to know a horse, to make friends with him, get together with family and friends for the common leisure activities with horses.

The riding school invites young and elder horse riding lovers. Seniors are especially welcome. The entertainment is free for seniors.

Lessons on every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m.

Duration and price of lessons:

Riding with the help of instructor – 30 EUR/hour.

ADVANCED BOOKING IS REQUIRED by phone.: +37065749700


Entertainment with horses

For centuries a horse was one of the best human friends, so let‘s continue this tradition!

You only need to have a desire, a horse and wind in your hair in order to spend active and memorable time.

You are kindly invited to:

Ride legendary tough horses – Zemaitukai. Price – 15 EUR. Duration - 30 min.

Riding with the help of instructor – 30 EUR. Duration - 1 hour.

A ride in a carriage in manor surroundings for 2-3 people - 60 EUR. Duration - 30 min.

Attend summer camp "Summer on a saddle". See – Camps.


Summer riding camp

It is very easy to lose your heart to a horse, but you have to struggle for a horse‘s love. 

You are invited for the greatest summer adventure – the summer riding camp! You will have an opportunity to get acquainted with horses, their world and the daily round. You will learn not only riding but also communicating with them and taking suitable care for them. We will offer you different entertainment: marches with horses, night grazing near a campfire, nature cognition, information about the largest Lithuanian manor, lots of riding and, of course, fun team of new friends!

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