Rules of courtier behaviour | Pakruojo dvaras

Rules of courtier behaviour

The first instruction


Dear guests of Pakruojis manor,

Put your knights, horses, trotters and carriages at the particular places, in order road dust will crumble away and let forget things left behind.

Dear all, please, note that you will leave the manor different than you came to.


The second instruction


First of all, highly respected guests are invited to the manor coatroom and choose a garment or adornment, that the manor (or heart of the manor) could accept You and open its secrets.


Secret language of fans


Folded fan close to the heart or eyes covered by an unfolded fan, had a meaning of hot love. 

When asking „can we meet?“, fan is attached to the right eye with the left hand. The number of sticks of an unfolded fan indicates the time of the date.

Left ear, touched by an unfolded fan means that somebody is spying.

Sudden and forward swing of a handle of folded fan means „Go away!“.


The third instruction


Dear all! Say hello politely in respect to each other when passing or meeting at the manor!

Younger people greet seniors, men greet women.

Man should wait until women gives him hand. Hand-kissing is a gesture indicating admiration and courtesy.

It is usual to nod head when passing each other at the alley, entering the room, meeting, giving thanks or saying goodbye to someone.

One of the most important gestures of a man is hat raising. Respect is also expressed by a firm handshake.

Respect your entourage, every stranger and also manor surroundings IN EVERY STEP.


The fourth instruction


"HIGHLY RESPECTED LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUNG GIRLS AND BOYS, DEAR ALL. Smile is one of the most important behaviour manners of A MANOR GUEST. Smile is a gift that you can give everyone in every courtier step. Respect your entourage, every stranger and also manor surroundings IN EVERY STEP.“

Fragment from „The proper etiquette of the manor guests“.


The fifth instruction


Let the highly respected Ladies and Gentlemen note that one of the most polite behaviour manners of the manor guest is slow and gentle walking as the fevered rush takes away dignity.


The sixth instruction


Gracious Ladies and Gentlemen! Respecting pleasant and heartwarming courtier serenity, please do not raise your voice, do not shout, gesticulate, speak grossly, or, even worse,do not let bring the noise out of your devices, so that your company become unpleasant for others.


The seventh instruction


Ladies and Gentlemen! Lining of your bag or pocket, released down the wind or rolling around make manor  surroundings eminently disharmonious, so, dear all, please make a note, that littering around brings you a huge disgrace. 


The eighth instruction



"Well-bred young boys and girls do not talk back or argue with elders, but willingly do what elders ask. They always stand up when elders come to a room and wait until elder first starts talking, do not interrupt conversation and help parents to give the chair.“

Fragment from „The proper etiquette of the manor guests“.


The ninth instruction



"Gentlemen or lady must be visible but not smelled.

Spitting is a bad habit, but there‘s no need to swallow what should be spitted out, so always spit in your handkerchief, fold it immediately and put it in your pocket. If you do not have a handkerchief, you will possibly spit on the ground, but do not spit so far because you will need to look where spit has fallen in order to wipe it with your leg. 

When lady is standing, man should not be sitting.

Try to drown fart by cough".

Fragment from „The proper etiquette of the manor guests“.


The tenth instruction



"Gentlemen, talking with others, should not talk about himself or his importance, he should better talk about things that are interesting to everyone. Possible topics for conversation – books, feasts, metaphysics, journeys or weather. Besides, he should not show his erudition for those who couldn‘t evaluate it because of the lack of sophistication.

It is not proper to ask a forthright question. In addition, gentlement should not ask lady about things that could offend or sadden her. Do not talk grossly in a polite company".

Fragment from „The proper etiquette of the manor guests“

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