This programme is only for adults and is an opportunity to learn various things about the history, development, and culture of the largest manor in Lithuania. Meet the unforgettable Tadas Blinda who left a very deep mark not only on the history of Pakruojis Manor, but on Lithuania as well.

Tadas Blinda himself will greet you as soon as you arrive at the Central Palace. He will share stories and legends about the manor, revealing both the light and dark aspects of the “trickster” life. He will show you the territory of the manor and take you to the Central Manor House (if the Baron is not in residence). After that, the bravest will be invited to go to basement of punishments, where you will find out how the perpetrators were punished in the manor. During this visit you also be able to see the Baron’s collection of birds of prey and visit the manor’s distillery, where you will be able to taste an exclusive drink – beer vodka.

It is possible to have a longer tasting session by visiting the Apothecary and sampling other exclusive, collectible drinks from the manor’s distillery.

You can reserve this program and festival tickets by filling out the reservation form below or directly by writing an e-mail:

  • Group size
    from 15 persons
  • Duration
    About 1 hour
  • Price
    14 Eur per person
  • Price per person with additional tasting at the Apothecary
    19 Eur per person
  • Minimal program fee for less than 20 people
    210 Eur / 285 Eur

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