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Beer tasting with Žaldokas

Visit the authentic brewery of the 19th century and get acquainted with the program Beer Route – the most entertaining program at the manor of Pakruojis. It has been nominated as the best Lithuanian gastronomic program of the year 2015.

Some history of Pakruojis beer

Beer has been brewed since the 16th century at the manor of Pakruojis. It has been not only for entertainment and tasting but also for sale. Pakruojis manor produce has been known throughout the region and it significantly supplemented manor revenue.

PROGRAMS  Read more

Costume room

An elegant dress, subtle trimming, silk gloves and lacy umbrella, protecting from the sun.... A black tailcoat, binding to square one‘s shoulders, trim topper and tricksy walking-stick...

A dressy costume room invites you to get back to the old days for at least a few minutes, feel the beauty, elegance and historical spirit of those times.  Dressed up in courtier costumes, you are welcome to: Read more

A stud

You are invited to get acquainted with manor horses, feel and observe the beauty and elegance of riding. There are 10 trotters at the manor stud, including famous Zemaitukai horses, remembering the march to the Black sea and its taste, and which ancestors came from the times of Vytautas the Great. 

Visit manor stud and a riding hall! Read more

Manor movie theatre

Manor movie theatre is located in the authentic windmill where you can watch different films by candlelight – from the historic one about the repeated Vytautas the Great march to the Black sea to a romantic film for a couple...

There is an opportunity to watch your own movie or photos brought by yourselves and remember cute and precious moments of your life, sitting comfortably on soft cushions and hay sacks. 


Price of the private film show (up to ten people) – 60 EUR  Read more

Manor farm

The Manor of Pakruojis has been one of the largest exemplary commercial farms in the middle and the second half of the 19th century. As in many other manor farms, the most dairy and largest cows have been bred in cowshed.

Today you will not find hundreds of cows, but you could have a look at sheep, goats, rabbits, hens, geese and other lovely fows and animals, stroke and feed them. Particularly, it will bring much fun for the youngest visitors.  Read more

Museum of Punishment

Those, who are willing to see things that has not been seen anywhere yet or longing for the shivering skin because of surprise and fear, have a chance to experience all this at the unique Punishment museum of the Lithuanian bondage times. This is a place where you can get a closer look at the ancient penalty tools and equipment dimmed with a medieval dungeon light and learn some history of the museum while listening to the clanging of chains. Read more

Manor apiary

Bee – is one of the most well-known and breeded insects since ancient times. Their families consist of several tens of thousands members. This insect is very familiar for Lithuanians and is highly useful as well. The sweet product honey is food and medicine for all diseases, and wax is warmth, light and beauty for your home. 


Manor beekeeper will tell you about life of bees, their daily, small but very important works and about the appearance of sweet yummy honey. Bees are buzzing at the manor hives day and night. Read more

Performance „The Fox and the Wolf“

At the Living museum young courtiers have a great time with the Baroness, play courtier games, get acquainted with manor farm. They are also invited to experience the most interesting event of a day – performance „The Fox and the Wolf“ with much action and fun. They not only follow the action on stage, but also take part in it, dance, sing and applaud the talented actors and theirselves.


Young courtiers have an opportunity to watch the performance at the Living museum, starting at 12 a. m. on weekends.  Read more

Interactive performance

The granary theatre of Pakruojis Manor invites you to an interactive performance „Wedding at Brewer‘s“ („Vestuvės pas Žaldoką“). During the performance everybody gets to know about the old-time matchmaking and wedding customs, in general, about ancient Lithuanian wedding. How could you imagine the wedding without many guests? Audience becomes part of the performance. Listen to the Lithuanian folk music, dance and sing, taste local beer, brewed at the manor brewery during the wedding.

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Granary theatre

Pakruojo dvaro svirno teatras kviečia visus ištroškusius linksmybių į interaktyvius spektaklius, kur smagiai laiką leis ir dideli, ir maži.


Visai šeimai siūlomas spektaklis, kurio metu visi gali susipažinti su senaisiais piršimosi ir vestuvių papročiais, apskritai senovinėmis lietuvių vestuvėmis. O kokios jos be būrio svečių? Spektaklio žiūrovai tampa spektaklio dalimi. Per vestuves ne tik skamba lietuvių liaudies muzika, linksta grindys nuo šokių, dainų, bet galima ir padegustuoti vietinio dvare gaminto alaus.  Read more

The Manor dairy

Previously Pakruojis Manor had quite a large farm (about 300 livestock), that provided manifold benefit for people and business. Nowadays the Manor farm is not the same, however, visitors have a chance to watch a vivid presentation of those times.


Today, we can not only watch, but also try ancient methods of butter making at the spacious laborers‘ yard. You will also have an opportunity to get acquainted with such activities as the separation of milk, milk tanning process, the separation of sour cream, curd and cheese making.

  Read more

The Manor laundry

Formerly handwashing was not an easy job for women. It has been an important family service function – taking care of the landlord‘s clothing and bedding.

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Wool manufacturing

Centuries-old crafts, providing positive emotions are sheep shearing and wool felting. You will have a chance to watch sheep shearing using ancient scissors. The following steps are wool washing, drying, brushing and felting. Different clothes, decorations, toys, footwear can be made from felted wool.

Sheep wool is highly appreciated – it is the warmth and health: ensures healthy and deep sleep, it is anti-allergic, beneficial for skin (acts as acupuncture), can be used all year round, safe (almost non flammable) and easily maintained. Read more


One of the oldest world‘s crafts you can try at the manor, is called pottery. This craft was established in the 12th century in Lithuania. Mostly Samogitians were famous for the pottery though it was also popular in other parts of Lithuania.

You will find out how to prepare clay, work with it and see the results. We instruct Manor visitors and encourage them to try pottery. Although you can make a small earthen object quite quickly, but it is not the end – it has to be dried and fired twice at temperature of 1000ºC. Decorating also requires much accuracy. Read more

Ancient crafts

Ancient crafts originated hundreds or even thousand years ago but still they are well-known and usable, though often being updated and adopted for mass production. However, currently they  revived into original and old-fashioned shape. Returning to the past, traditions and archaism of production process are also revived. Things are handmade, using ancient tools. Read more

Romantic stay at the Manor of Pakruojis

1st day:

From 2 p.m. -  you are welcome to the cozy hotel Stadala. We will offer you a welcoming drink of the Baron von Ropp. Accommodation  in a comfortable room. Read more

Pharmacist's garden

All the manors and households have been growing vegetables and herbs. Healthy and flavorful herbs are not only for medicine but also for delicious food.

You will also learn to recognize different herbs grown in the Pharmacist‘s garden, taste fragrant tea or yummy dishes, flavoured with herbs. Read more


We offer you to spend romantic or fun time going by boat down the river, observing the Manor in another perspective, hearing how lilies are growing, waves whispering or fish talking.... Read more


We suggest you to learn about smith‘s craft and even try it by yourselves at the authentic manor smithy. You could also mint your own coin as a charm, attracting happiness and wealth in your life, as well as a happiness nail – for happy life!

Educational program at the Smithy „From devil to steel“ and minting coins – 8 EUR/person. Organised for groups of 15 to 40 people. Read more


Vintage bikes are for healthy lifestyle, so you will be able to explore the territory and paths of the largest Manor much faster than on foot, admiring beauty of the nature.

It is such a pleasure to feel the speed, fresh air and wind in your hair!

Cycling – 2 EUR/hour. Read more

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