The Manor laundry | Pakruojo dvaras

The Manor laundry

Formerly handwashing was not an easy job for women. It has been an important family service function – taking care of the landlord‘s clothing and bedding.


Since the manor was large and prosperous, many women have been responsible for handwashing, starching and ironing. At first, women have been washing clothes in the river Kruoja, next to the manor, or at the wooden tubs. Over time, handwashing became easier. People started boiling and steaming clothes at the tubs, called wash. Squeezing wet clothes also became easier – squeezing appliances came to the resque.


Today these processes are revived again at the manor. Everybody has a chance to try to soak cloth at the wooden tub, dolly cloth to make it softer, squeezing, starching and ironing with a wooden ribbed beater, used for decades. Not only children but also well-built gentlemen wish to try old-time handwashing and ironing. It is so much fun to show manually washed, starched and ironed handkerchief to your lady.


You are welcome to try ancient handwashing, squeezing, ironing, starching and more at the Living Museum from 12 a.m. on every Saturday and Sunday.

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