The Manor dairy | Pakruojo dvaras

The Manor dairy

Previously Pakruojis Manor had quite a large farm (about 300 livestock), that provided manifold benefit for people and business. Nowadays the Manor farm is not the same, however, visitors have a chance to watch a vivid presentation of those times.


Today, we can not only watch, but also try ancient methods of butter making at the spacious laborers‘ yard. You will also have an opportunity to get acquainted with such activities as the separation of milk, milk tanning process, the separation of sour cream, curd and cheese making.


You can also try ancient wooden tools. For example, a beater - wooden tool for butter making that has some names – „kalatauka“, „mušeklis“, muštukė“. The process does not require neither special skills nor much strength, so you and your family can make delicious butter in rotation. After a few hours you will taste handmade butter seasoned with salt and herbs.


The Manor farm invites you to return to those days on weekends of the Living Museum and try dairy subtleties. 

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