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Manor apiary

Bee – is one of the most well-known and breeded insects since ancient times. Their families consist of several tens of thousands members. This insect is very familiar for Lithuanians and is highly useful as well. The sweet product honey is food and medicine for all diseases, and wax is warmth, light and beauty for your home. 


Manor beekeeper will tell you about life of bees, their daily, small but very important works and about the appearance of sweet yummy honey. Bees are buzzing at the manor hives day and night.

Life and work of bees will be much more obvious watching and observing them through the glass hive.

You will also get to know how candles are made in modern and vintage methods. There will be plenty of beautiful candles, honey smell and useful tips of candle making.    


Educational programs, information and reservation:


Meet beekeeper and bees you can during Flower festival. 

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