Courtier weekend with the Live museum for the whole family | Pakruojo dvaras

Courtier weekend with the Live museum for the whole family

1st day:

From 2 p.m. -  you are welcome to the cozy hotel Stadala. Adults will be offered to have a welcoming drink of the Baron von Ropp. Children will taste kvass of Pakruojis region. Accommodation  in a comfortable family room.

Then, we will offer your family to have a remarkable walk to the Love island. According to the legend, the whole generation of the barons von Ropp had been proposing to their brides at this island. On that same night the groom had been throwing a symbol of love - a golden coin under a spell into the river Kruoja in order to attract harmony and wealth, while the bride had been releasing a goldfish to protect and keep future family safe. 

First day evening – at the Pakruojis manor windmill movie theatre. 

2nd day:

9.00 – 10.30 a.m. - hospitable manor landladies will suggest you to have appetizing breakfast with a cup of flavorful coffee or the Pharmacist‘s tea.

Spend a real courtier day being refreshed and invigorated!

Horseriding is a real courtier entertainment, so we will offer You to ride a horse and have a good time, including instructor‘s practical advice or ride a horse on your own (30 min/person).

Time for the courtier comfort!

The funniest and playful part – „Manor farm“.

Here you could play with farm animals, stroke or give them a delicious carrot or slice of bread. Horses, sheep, goats and hens will be waiting for your attention.

During the warm season of the year you will visit the beautiful Pharmacist‘s garden and see how courtier herbs are growing. Pharmacist‘s tea is very tasty and flavorful. Our diligent landladies make delicious food, flavored with these herbs.

When events of the joyful day are already discussed, you could write a letter with a real goose feather. Manor postman Bonifacas will send a letter to an indicated address.

10 p. m. – room fun, respecting courtier calm.

The manor will be grateful after such a lively day!

3rd day:

9.00-10.30 a.m – mouthwatering courtier breakfast.

12.00 a.m. - we say good-bye until next time and accompany You to a traditional event of Pakruojis manor – the Live museum.  

Price for a three-person family: 256 EUR.


children up to 2 years old – free;

from 2 to 4 years old + 50 EUR;

from 4 years old + 73 EUR.

Additional tours, SPA treatments and entertainment - as agreed beforehand.

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