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Beer tasting with Žaldokas

Visit the authentic brewery of the 19th century and get acquainted with the program Beer Route – the most entertaining program at the manor of Pakruojis. It is one of the most favourite gastronomic programs in the manor. 


Some history of Pakruojis beer

Beer has been brewed since the 16th century at the manor of Pakruojis. It has been not only for entertainment and tasting but also for sale. Pakruojis manor produce has been known throughout the region and it significantly supplemented manor revenue.




Pakruojis manor Žaldokas is perhaps the only one who is brewing beer at the authentic wooden vats and barrels in Lithuania. Here guests can learn and get acquainted with regulations of the Baron and history of the highly appreciated beer and brewery. We would also offer You the incredible program of beer route cognition. You will have the opportunity to find out secrets of beer production, taste beer of various strength, brewed according ancient manor traditions. There will be no time for boredom, because the family of the fourth brewers‘ generation will present each type of beer and tell funny and real unheard stories of beer brewing.



Žaldokas will teach you to recognize beer called „pirmokas“ („first“), to brew beer called „antrokas“ („second“), and the beer „trečiokas“ („third“) will be left for girls or manor prudes! Watch, taste and brew!

♦ Welcome with accordion sounds at the manor Brewery;

♦ Acquaintance with the ancient brewing processes;

♦ Tasting pure beer – pirmokas, antrokas, treciokas, made at the capital of the Lithuanian beer traditions;

♦ With songs and Žaldokas‘ funny teachings, you will also taste special malt pancakes with hemp seeds, baked by Žaldokas‘ wife at the brewery oven.    

Program duration: 1 hour;

Price per person*: 12 EUR;

* – educational program is for groups from 20 people OR is available to visit during Flower festival:



It is an opportunity to brew pure Lithuanian homemade beer on your own.

♦ You will brew beer together with our brewer at the manor brewery;

♦ You will get acquainted with the brewing procedures: malt grinding and sweetening, hops cooking, mash grinding and beer fermenting. 

♦ After having a rest at the manor hotel Stadala, you will filter beer, called "pirmokas", "antrokas" and "trečiokas" in wooden barrels;  

♦ Brewing is recommended for a company of 4-15 friends;

♦ Suggested beginning – 9.00 a.m., the end – next day early evening with 300 liters of filtered beer.

There are no special brewing secrets – the most important thing is Žaldokas‘ experience and a good company!

Price: 55  EUR/person. 


Would You like to know how all this is going on? Would You like to get to know about the real beer route and taste beer, brewed according the authentic traditions? Or maybe You are dreaming to make it yourself? Please, coordinate the appropriate date and come with friends! 

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