Baron‘s reception. Courtier dinner

The Baron invites everybody to participate at the courtier banquet at the manor of Pakruojis. The hospitable master will show around his manor, estate spaces and exhibits of hunting, horse riding and his other hobbies.  After the gong sounds, guests will be invited to dinner. Manor chefs will offer the most delicious manor dishes.


After the dinner – time for relaxation with innocent sins. Gentlemen will smoke a pipe, examine Baron‘s stereoscope and discuss important matters. Ladies „will powder their noses“ at the bower, manor perfumer will display fragrances and cosmetics, brought from various countries, the Baroness will share secrets of fans and flowers language. Manor gathering could not be imagined without salon music, that‘s why you will be invited to the concert of the manor chamber ensemble. Evening‘s culmination – posing for „the Live picture“ – the ancient photo, which will be made by the manor photographer.


You are invited to experience courtier culture and pleasures of aristocratic gatherings!

Come with your family or friends. From 20 to 50 lovely ladies and gallant gentlemen are invited to the banquet.

Duration of the courtier banquet: 3 hours (dying candles will be a sign of banquet ending)   

Price of the banquet – from 100 eur/person

For reservations, please, contact us in advance by e-mail: 

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