Aristocratic day at the manor | Pakruojo dvaras

Aristocratic day at the manor

The day is dedicated to an active recreation, that aristocracts have enjoyed in those days as well as in these days.

You are invited to ride a horse for 1 hour (30 minutes – for 1 person) with or without the instructor (as agreed) at the manor countryside or at the riding hall. Flavorful Pharmacist‘s tea and relaxing boat sailing down the river Kruoja. You could also try fishing and catching the mysterious fish. According to the local people, reminding those times, the barons von Ropp constantly used to throw „the unseen creatures like fish that scared ears and burnished eyes“ to the river Kruoja at the full moon at night.

In order to be succeed, you could taste the mysterious „Full moon brandy of the baron“.  Hospitable manor landladies will serve you a delicious lunch/dinner after the fishing.


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