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During theatralized tours you will have an opportunity to feel manor life and come closer to the history of the manor. Firstly, you will dress up in courtier costumes and attributes at the manor costume room and then, together with the baroness Alexandrina, you will travel around manor surroundings, visiting the most secret corners of the manor, listen to the spiciest manor stories, peculiarities of life and learn the manor etiquette. This tour will take You 100 years back and bring the feeling of being a real manor aristocrat. Read more

Educational manor tours

We invite You to walk around the manor territory together with the guide in order to learn about the past lords of Pakruojis manor, about contemporary manor activities, listen to the ancient manor stories and legends. During the tour you will visit the grand estate of the manor, centenarian park, the unique Arch Bridge, built on the river Kruoja, the Miller‘s house, which serves as a hotel, water mill and windmill, where you could find ancient flour manufacturing facilities.

  Read more

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