Accommodation in Windmill

Pakruojis Manor windmill – a place touched by time and history, having its spirit and charm and inviting you to stay at least for one night. The authentic windmill and its glamorous atmosphere will be just for you!

We invite you to relax in the comfort of the mysterious windmill and spend unforgetable time dreaming together and creating new future plans. We offer you to watch a romantic movie by candlelight at the manor movie theatre. It will let you to feel romance and whisper the sweetest love words.

After the romantic movie, one floor higher, you are invited to stay overnight and have a remarkable rest under the mill's roof. Soft feather-bed and mysterious quiet of the night penetrating through small windows of the mill and spellbinding candlelight will make the night cosy, warm and mysterious.

Bright sun and summer freshness will wake you in the morning. Start your new and active day with  delicious courtier breakfast.

On your request, bathhouse and SPA facilities are offered for an additional fee.

Only in warm season of the year.


Price: 200 Eur